Baby Dead After Pregnant Mom Seriously Injured in Crash With Suspected Drunk Driver

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A baby girl died immediately after birth, when her mother was seriously injured in a head-on crash in L.A,  California last week.

The suspected DUI driver has been arrested, the Los Angeles Police Department said on Wednesday.

The incident was reported around 11:05 p.m. on May 26.

25-Year-Old, Julian Gutierrez,  reportedly crossed the double yellow lines and drove into oncoming traffic, say police. He crashed into another car that was heading in the opposite direction.

The driver of the second vehicle, Judith Mauricio, was about 8 months pregnant and was seriously injured. She was taken to a hospital where she gave birth but the baby didn’t make it, officials said.

“When I saw the bruise on her tummy there, all I could do was pray,” said Simon Sarkissian, who witnessed the crash. “It’s hard not to get emotional right now knowing that because I have a little over a month old son of my own.”

An investigation uncovered that Gutierrez was driving under the influence when the crash occurred. He suffered minor injuries and was treated at the scene, officials said.

The man was eventually arrested on suspicion of murder and bail was set at $2 million. He previously had a $70,000 warrant out for his arrest, police added.

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