Autopsy Reveals That Texas Girl Who Dies Under Dentist’s Anesthesia Did NOT Need The Procedure

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Fury of parents whose one-year-old girl died under anesthesia while her dentist fixed ‘six cavities’ – as an autopsy now reveals she did NOT need the procedure

  • Daisy Lynn Torres died in March after being brought to Austin Children’s Dentistry to get six fillings
  • The 14-month-old was put under anesthesia, went into cardiac arrest and died 
  • Autopsy report in July concluded that there was ‘no indication of dental disease or pathology’
  • Daisy’s dentist, Dr Michael Melanson, was suspended indefinitely by the practice 
  • Lawyer for the dentist disputes the claim that her teeth were not decaying 
  • His attorney said Melanson was not at fault, and that Daisy’s best interest ‘was everyone’s goal’    

Betty Squier says she never thought her 14-month-old daughter, Daisy Lynn Torres, would die going to see dentist Dr. Michael Melanso

But that is what happened when the mother-of-two from Texas took the toddler to Austin Children’s Dentistry to have a pair of cavities filled back in March.

And now Squier says she is shocked and furious after her daughter’s autopsy report published  last month revealed there was nothing wrong with Daisy’s baby teeth and did not need any dental work.

‘One can only speculate as to why any treatment was performed considering no indication of dental disease or pathology,’ wrote dental pathologist Dr. Robert G. in his review and added that the toddler’s previous visit showed no decay either.

The autopsy report, conducted by the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, ruled that anesthesia caused the toddler’s death.

Routine appointment: Daisy's mother brought her to Austin Children's Dentistry to have two cavities filled, but her dentist informed her the toddler needed four crowns and two fillings

However,  Melanson’s attorney has hit back and said in a statement to Inside Edition that there was no evidence ‘the dentist did anything to cause the event. The best interest of the child was everyone’s only goal.’

The lawyer previously has called into question the autopsy findings, referring to unspecified ‘troubling clinical oversights’ and ‘many significant errors’ in the review, although he would not go into detail citing personal privacy laws and federal HIPAA regulations, reported Medical Daily.  

Jason Ray, attorney for the treating dentist at Austin Children’s Dentistry said that the autopsy found no defects because Dr. Melanson removed them before the child tragically passed away and added, ‘The report reveals no surprises to us.’

‘By the time the forensic odontologist evaluated Daisy, all evidence of dental disease had already been removed by the dentist, as expected.

‘A treating dentist always has the advantage of pre-treatment visual exams, clinical findings, and x-rays on the patient; as well as knowing the patient’s dental history, unlike a forensic odontologist.

‘The treating dentist in Daisy’s case will present all of the evidence that justified Daisy’s treatment if called on to do so.’

Daisy's mother said she went ahead of the dentist's course of treatment for the child because she trusted him

If you are not familiar with the original story, please read it here


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  1. Aleksandra

    September 1, 2016 at 11:20 pm

    My child has a mental disability and was referred to a dentist who would work with such kids with the help of laughing gas or anesthesia. During the first visit I was told that my child had 9 cavities and needed a procedure involving anesthesia. I was given a huge estimate (our insurance does not cover anesthesia) and an appointment date. I went for a second opinion at a different dentist the following day and was told my child had no cavities at all and only teeth stains. This is so sad what is going on today. Greedy dentists continue their practice, children continue to get hurt….

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