Ariana Grande’s Mother Helped Protect Kids During Manchester Attack

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After an explosion rocked the Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande’s Mother, Joan, acted quickly just like any mother would, when she rushed a group of young fans out of harm’s way.

Joan Grande reacted this way when alleged suicide bomber killed 22 and injured over 50 at her daughter, Ariana Grande‘s, show in Manchester, England.

The Mother was still sitting in her front row seat when the bomb went off, which means she was amongst the chaos in the crowd as concertgoers realized what was going on. As the fans around Joan started to scramble, she reportedly told a group of them to follow her backstage.

With security assisting her, Joan brought at least 10 fans to a safe area where they waited until they could exit the venue. Joan was so quick to act to protect as many fans as she could in that moment.

Ariana has not been seen since she stepped off stage just seconds before the explosion happened, however, a few hours after the incident she sent a heartfelt tweet out to her fans.

“broken, from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.”

Ariana has suspended the rest of her tour for now, which was set to pick up again at the O2 in London, England on Thursday, May 25.

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