How to Appropriately Respond To Your Child’s Dental Emergency

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Children are naturally curious and incredibly energetic. With all of the jumping, running and playing children do, they prone to dental emergencies. The most common dental emergencies seen among dentists are chipped teeth due to trips and falls, knocked-out teeth due to sports and dental pain from tooth decay. Seeing your child in pain with a dental problem can be frightening.


Learn what to do ahead of time in order to be prepared for dental emergencies in your home.

Try to Stay Calm

Children naturally pick up on adult’s emotions and reactions. If you are panicking, your child will pick up on your panic and become frightened and scared. Take a deep breath, try to stay calm and reassure your child that you are dealing with the situation and everything will be okay.

Care for Knocked-Out or Broken Teeth

It’s estimated that one-third of five-year-olds have injured their baby teeth, and one-fourth of 12-year-olds have injured their permanent teeth. If your child injures their teeth by chipping or knocking them out, have them rinse out their mouth with warm salt water. Keep the tooth or any tooth fragments hydrated in a cup of milk. The tooth may be able to be reattached by the dentist.

Evaluate Mouth Pain for Tooth Decay

If your child comes to you suddenly complaining of tooth pain, it’s important to evaluate their mouth for the cause of the pain. Ask your child to open his or her mouth and look at the teeth and gums. Bright red, bleeding or swollen gums should be checked for first. Next, look at the teeth for any bright white or opaque, dark brown or black spots or teeth that are gray. All of these are signs that tooth decay has occurred and needs to be dealt with immediately to prevent further problems from developing. Apply a warm compress to the area and give over-the-counter pain relievers to your child.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Child’s Dentist

It is recommended that children with tooth pain from decay see a dentist within one to two days in order to prevent complications from occurring. Many knocked out or chipped teeth can be repaired or replaced if a dentist is seen within 24 hours, and so you should not hesitate to call your dentist. Some, like those at Crest Hill Family Dental, do emergency care and should be prepared for you to call them with little delay so that you can get your child’s tooth fixed.

Many dental emergencies can be prevented with good dental hygiene, regular dental visits and the use of mouth guards or face masks during sports. When emergencies do occur, however, use these tips to help your child’s mouth get better.

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