AMAZING: As Hurricane Tears through House, They Huddle in Shower and Say ‘Goodbye’ to Triplet Babies

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…various parts of the house were being destroyed…

AMAZING: As Hurricane Tears through House, They Huddle in Shower and Say ‘Goodbye’ to Triplet Babies

Those living in the path of destruction of Hurricane Irma had many concerns. What would happen to their homes?

Would they have access to water, food, and power after the storm? Mainly, would they survive?

A British couple shared all of these concerns plus another that was much more unique. Kate Jackson, 33, and her fiancé Alex Ashman, 31, had infant triplets to protect.

Kate Jackson
The couple lived on the British Virgin Islands with their three daughters. Beatrice, Charlotte, and Isabella were between 5 and 6 months old at the time.

Kate’s mother had a home on the largest of the islands, Tortola, so they decided to stay there during the storm. Christine Jackson, Kate’s sister, stayed with them.

Nick Cunha and his wife, Jayne Gray, were friends who sought shelter in the Tortola home, too. Kate and Ashman could use all the help they could get when Hurricane Irma tore through the area.

Kate Jackson
Everybody huddled together in a tiny bathroom. The terror in the room rose as various parts of the house were being destroyed by the hurricane.

They all crammed into the shower while the balcony, kitchen, and then the rest of the house crumbled. The three women each held one of the triplets.

Kate Jackson
The two men, Ashman and Cunha, held a headboard over them. The roof above them was torn off by the strong winds.

The bathroom walls surrounding them were caving in. Cunha opened the bathroom door to see if there was a way the group to get to a solid concrete generator room.

The door blew open revealing that there was no more house. The bathroom had been recently constructed and was the only remaining room still standing.

Cunha told The Sun, “It was a slow-motion moment. That was like staring at God.”

They were coming to the realization that they might not make it, so they started to say goodbye to each other. The thought of the couple saying goodbye to their triplets as they hid in the shower is heartbreaking.

A window was found that the group was able to climb through to reach the generator room. The hurricane tore apart their homes, but did not tear apart this group as they all miraculously survived — including the triplets.

A split-second decision that changed history…

Baby Was Dying So Nurse Put Her In With Twin To Say Goodbye. Then A Miracle Happened…

Twenty years ago, it wasn’t common for babies in the neo-natal intensive care unit to be handled, much less share an incubator. At the time, the medical community thought premature babies might be too fragile and delicate. But one nurse changed all of that.

A hug that helped change medicine – Premature twins placed together; they’re 17 now

Back in 1995 in Worcester, Mass., Paul Jackson’s twin daughters had been born 12 weeks premature and, although he had been warned that things could quickly take a turn for the worse, the twins seemed to be in stable condition.

Three weeks later, though, one of the twins began to struggle. Barely able to breathe, her heart rate soared, her oxygen level began to drop, and she even turned blue.

One of the NICU nurses, Gayle Kasparian, had an idea to do something that, at the time, was only being practiced in Europe, but hadn’t been done yet in the U.S. She suggested they take the stronger twin, Kyrie, and place her inside the incubator with her sister Brielle. The result was nothing short of a miracle.

Within seconds, Kyrie shifted and put her tiny arm around her sister. Brielle, who was fighting for her life, instantly began to stabilize. Her heart rate and breathing returning to normal.

That sweet moment made history when a newspaper photographer, who just happened to be at the hospital, snapped a picture of the twins’ embrace.

The inspiring image, which showed the healing power of touch, became known as the “Rescuing Hug” and appeared in Life magazine and Reader’s Digest.

Had it not been for that split second decision to place the twins together, doctors may have never discovered the incredible benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Now, premature babies are routinely handled in this way, known as “Kangaroo Care,” some as young as 23 weeks old.

Kyrie and Brielle are all grown up now thanks to that nurse whose idea led to a hug that forever changed the way premature babies are cared for.

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