ALERT: Popular Baby Bottle Dish Soap Recalled

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Ironically, a product which is meant to clean bacteria away is now being recalled because it may contain bacteria.

A recall has now been issued for Dr. Brown’s Natural Bottle & Dish Soap and Dr. Brown’s bottle brush cleaning kit.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the bottle and dish soap may have harmful bacteria which could pose a hazard to people with impaired immune systems.

The recalled products were sold between September 2016 and June 2017 at stores nationwide.

Around 23,000 bottles are included in this recall.

Thus far, no injuries have been reported.

Consumers who cleaned bottles with the recalled soap are encouraged to boil or sanitize the bottles, the CPSC have advised.

Contact Dr. Brown’s directly for a replacement.


Hallmark Recalls Over 5000 Baby Plush Toys

Hallmark is recalling more than 5,000 baby plush stacking toys because they pose a choking hazard.

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, the toys have fabric hats and bows on the Disney-licensed itty bitty toys which can detach.

Hallmarks says that the recalled toys have a yellow base stand with a post and 4 rattling rings that slide on and off the post.

The red, blue, pink and purple rings have Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck as well as Daisy Duck characters attached to them.

Three of the four Disney-licensed characters are wearing a small plush, fabric hat or bow.

The toys were sold at Hallmark Gold Crown stores nationwide as well as online at and from June 2016 through July 2017 for about $30.

Hallmark has received one report of the toy’s fabric bow detaching thus far and no injuries have been reported.

Parents are now being urged to take the toys away from children and contact Hallmark at 800-425-5627 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at to receive a prepaid shipping label for returning the toy as well as a $40 Hallmark Gold Crown gift card.

RECALL ALERT: This Stroller Almost Strangled A Baby

The iCandy Peach 2016 is a single pushchair, which can be converted to a double, has been recalled.

The affected batch ranges include the following: A10050-A10057 and A10067-A10070.

What are the defects of the affected prams?

The crotch strap on the Peach 2016 model pushchair and converter seat may come away from the centre of the buckle (waist and shoulder harness is not affected).

What are the hazards?

The stroller May pose a fall or injury hazard if broken during use.

What should consumers do?

Tobil & Co Pty Ltd will post a replacement crotch strap with a stronger buckle to all consumers affected -with a product in the batch range.

“She was hanging in the pram with her neck tangled in the harness

Earlier this month, it was reported that a one-year-old Freya’s neck tangling in the harness of an iCandy Peach Pram.

Nicki Elsworth was walking her daughter in the pram when she noticed that her little girl’s cry begin to change – which prompted her to immediately check on her.

What she saw is still stuck in her mind.

“When I looked down the buckle had broken and she was hanging in the pram with her neck tangled in the harness,” she said.

The 35-year-old said that her little girl was left with “raised red marks” on her body and chest but is otherwise “thankfully fine”.

“At first I thought she had somehow managed to undo the straps, but we later discovered the buckle was faulty.”

iCandy said that “a small number” of iCandy Peach buckles had broken while they were being used, The Sun reported.

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