Alert: Fidget Spinners Contain Alarming Levels Of Lead, PIRG Reports

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Fidget Spinners were the big toy craze of 2017. Nearly every household had at least one in their possession.

However, Target has come under fire for apparently selling Fidget Spinners with toxic levels of lead in them.

The PIRG(Public Interest Research Group) Education Fund have issued a report stating that two different types of fidget spinners sold by Target have dangerous, illegal levels of lead in their making. In fact, they say they have almost 330 times more lead than the federal legal limit allows.

Target has hit back saying that the PIRG’s report is only relevant to children’s toys and argues that the fidget spinner is not applicable as it is not a toy but a product aimed at children 14 years and older.

PIRG Education Fund

A Target spokesman said in an email that, “The two fidget spinners cited are clearly marked on the package as ‘appropriate for customers ages 14 and older,’ and are not marketed to children. As a result, the fidget spinners identified are not regulated as toys or children’s products and are not required to meet children’s product standards.”

Kara Cook-Schultz, toxics director for U.S. PIRG has hot back at Target for these comments telling the Washington Post, “Saying fidget spinners aren’t toys defies common sense, as millions of parents whose kids play with spinners can tell you.”

Federal law defines “children’s products” as items that are designed primarily for use by those 12 and under, according to the Washington Post. “Federal laws limit the amount of lead in children’s products to 100 parts per million (ppm). Laboratory tests performed last month showed that the Fidget Wild Spinner Premium Brass contained 33,000 ppm of lead in its center circle, and 22,000 ppm in its arm, according to U.S. PIRG. The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Metal, meanwhile, contained 1,300 ppm of lead in the center circle, and 520 ppm in its arm.”

PIRG is pleading with Target to issue a recall on the fidget spinners in question but Target is not backing down. Nor are they considering moving the product to a different part of their store.

PIRG Education Fund

The PIRG say that despite being marketed at children aged 14 and over, the spinners are being sold next to other children’s toys like My Little Pony and Star Wars, evidence that Target are labelling them a ‘toy’.

Kara Cook-Schultz added that “The buck has to stop with someone. CPSC stands for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Now is the time for it to stand up for consumers. We can’t sit idly by while children play with these toxic toys — and yes, these are toys.”

Concerning lead levels are not the only thing associated with fidget spinners. There have been other incidences of the potential dangers associated with them.

Small parts are a choking hazard, whilst some have sharp edges which could become a weapon. There were even reports of a girl who suffered from concussion after being hit in the head with a fidget spinner.

Whatever your opinion may be the fact remains they are one of the highest selling products of 2017.


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