Akron Toddler Who Overdosed Has Died

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The toddler who overdosed on cocaine on Thursday has died after a few days in the hospital.

Naloxone was administered to the 19-month-old on June 1, after an older sibling called 911. The 9-year-old told the 911 operator that the baby was not breathing.

The child was rushed to Akron Children’s Hospital, where a second dose of naxolone revived the child.

During the 911 call, you can hear the 9-year-old pleading for help. The dispatcher asks to speak to the mother and then tries to talk her through CPR.

When police and medics arrived, the baby’s mother, Destanie Carter, was home, but left soon after.

“She fled once police and paramedics were trying to deal with the baby, giving CPR, giving Narcan,” a witness said.

Carter was later arrested on unrelated theft charges.

Police believe her baby got hold of drugs that were laying around the house.

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