Airline’s New Seats Allows Parents & Babies To Lie Down Together During A Flight — And The Internet Is Ecstatic!

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Air New Zealand is hoping to make flying easier for parents and their children.

They are hoping to make flying a bit more comfortable for parents of infants or young children, even in economy class.

Earlier this month, the airline revealed upcoming enhancements to its innovative Skycouch, a row of three economy seats that turns into a completely flat surface.

The wide surface of the Skycouch, which looks similar to a futon, allows passengers to lie down during the entire duration of a flight. This is for both domestic and international flights.

First introduced in 2011, Skycouch was designed to let parents and their kids rest, relax, and play in a way they usually cannot, given the limited space of most economy cabins.

But later this year, adults travelling with children can look forward to more.

Mid-way through 2018, economy Skycouch customers will be able to take advantage of a complimentary new harness and belt, which will allow infants to lie down next to their parents for the entirety of a flight.

Previously, Air New Zealand required infants to be seated on a guardian’s lap when the seat belt sign was on.

In a press release from March 6, Air New Zealand’s general manager of customer experience, Anita Hawthorne, said that these updates were informed by customer feedback.

Hawthrone also noted that she expects the enhancements to be popular with families.

Parents can relax while their children are able to have their own space and flat area to play without interrupting other passengers,” she explained.

The updated Skycouch won’t be available to the public until later this year, but people online have already expressed their interest in the product, with some Twitter users praising the airline for its creation. 

—Martyn McMurray (@RyanFlairWLCAC) March 22, 2018

—Fiona Fletcher (@FionaFletcher1) March 21, 2018

On Instagram, Air New Zealand’s announcement about the Skycouch enhancements racked up over 11,800 likes since March 9.

So far, many users have responded enthusiastically to the news. “Finally an airline that treats parents and kids like human beings!” one person wrote.

On the other hand, some people have expressed their reservations about the new infant harness.

That is most definitely not safe, especially in the air,” one person commented on Instagram.

Another Instagram user said they’d rather just fly business class.

Curious parents may just have to wait a bit longer to try these seats out.

Air New Zealand plans to make these enhancements available aboard its Boeing 777 and 787-9 Dreamliner fleets in the coming months, pending certification and regulatory approvals.

Images: Air New Zealand

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