How Adorable Is This Bond Between A Toddler And His Pet Duck?

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People are known for raising all kinds of weird and wonderful pets, not just the “average” cat or dog.

Now we’re hearing of one special case of a boy and his duck, and their bond is absolutely adorable!

Tyler was only nine months old when he got a duckling. He named it Bee.

Bee is now extremely protective of Tyler, and whenever Tyler cries, Bee quacks loudly and incessantly until somebody attends to the little boy and Bee’s favorite human’s needs are met. They absolutely adore each other, and that is what makes watching them play together so very special.

Bee is the first of its kind that has been allowed into the family’s house. Were it not for the positive effect Bee has brought around in the household, the mother would never have considered the possibility of having a duck walking around with diapers in their house.

It’s delightful how Bee waits for Tyler at the door until he wakes up—then it’s all fun and games the whole day long.

Tyler’s first word was, of course, “duck,” and the duck was right beside him when he took his first steps!

Bee has proved to be loyal and smart, a fitting companion to the little boy.

Jennifer said, “Bee is just as loyal, smart, and sweet as any dog or cat.” However, she does admit, “From the time these two get up till the time they go to bed, it’s chaos.”

Are you the proud owner of family pets, from cats to dogs? Are you getting ready to bring a new arrival to the family though?

One that is not furry and four-legged, but chubby and two-legged? Many family four-legged friends are wonderful with babies and children but still, a parent needs to keep his or her baby safe around a pet by considering the following things:

Pets & Babies: Staying Safe

1- Consider Your Pet:

Right before a new baby comes, a family pet can sense the changes. Cats may spray or hide out of fear. How can you help the pets adjust? Here are a few things:

  • Put some sticky tape on a crib or bassinet railing to help get your cat used to not jumping in the crib now before the baby even arrives.
  • Use baby gates to block an animal’s access to a baby’s room. It’s smart to put up the gate ssooner than later, pre-baby arrival. This will help your four-legged friend adjust to the change!
  • Let him smell an item from the baby as soon as the baby is home from the hospital
  • Take the dog on a walk with a baby doll in a stroller
  • Don’t scold a pet who is constantly coming near you and the baby (unless the pet is aggressive)

2- Always be in the room when the pet is with or near your baby:

Common sense rule!

3- Keep Kids Away From Pet Food:

Once your baby starts crawling, pet food will be very, very interesting, so be sure to gate the baby off from your pet’s food quarters.

4- Let the Pet Sleep & Eat:

Pets don’t like to be disturbed when eating or sleeping, so teach your baby from the get-go to leave Cleo the kitty alone when resting or nibbling.

5- Teach Your Child How to Pet the Dog or Cat:

Once your baby is old enough, teaching the child to pet your family furry friend the right way– in the direction the fur is going, and gently, is a smart way to keep pet and baby BFF’s for life!

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