Adam Levine’s Wife Mom-Shamed for Pumping Breastmilk At Coachella

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Behati Prinsloo was the victim of some internet trolls after she posted a recent photo of herself pumping breast milk at the Coachella Valley Music an Arts Festival.

The model posted the photo on Friday, showing which shows herself in what appears to be a hotel room holding two breast pumps to her chest. She and her husband, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, who welcomed their second daughter this past February, received criticism from their fans after many believes the use of the hashtag “pump and dump” was in poor taste.

The Mom later shared the same image on her Instagram Story, writing “More like cowchella [laugh out loud] Jamiroquai was sooooo worth the pump and dump”.

“No need to dump!” commented one person. “Don’t waste that liquid gold! Very little alcohol gets into breast milk. Nurse away mama!”

“Why don’t you just breastfeed your baby?” asked another.

“Why dump?!” wondered a third. “Most medications are safe, and as long as you’re not sloppy drunk, your milk is good!!!”

“Stop the mommy shaming please!” wrote one commenter. “It is her right to do this. Also, pumping keeps up a woman’s actual ability to make milk, even if she is not going to use it. Second, sometimes is a major pain to have a place to keep it cool. Give her a break. Sometimes it is not practical to keep it. If she drinks, that is her right and it is sensible to not keep it. Moms deserve a break. I hope you had a fun time, Behati!”

Prinsloo, 28, has been married to Levine since 2014 and the couple have become a beloved parenting team on Instagram, and Levine has shared many of their family developments on The Ellen Show. 

In November, Levine told Ellen DeGeneres that their new baby is a girl, and admitted that Gio will not be the last addition to their family.

“I want a lot. I thrive in chaos. I really genuinely enjoy it,” Levine said. He added that Prinsloo is an only child, so she wants her kids to have siblings. “She was an only child, so look out. She wants like 100 babies, but I don’t know if I can do that,” he coach said.

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