Actress Kate Gosselin Investigated For Child Abuse! After Her Son Admits This..

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Actress Kate Gosselin is the focus of a recent child abuse investigation. Her son, Collin reportedly made claims against Kate, while he was in treatment. According to Life & Style Magazine, Collin, who has special needs, was sent away to a treatment facility

It was reported to CYS and her ex, Jon was notified.

“Collin said something to the facility’s staff and it was reported to Children and Youth Services [CYS], which started an official probe,” a source told the magazine.

“The police later notified Collin’s dad, Jon, that a child abuse investigation was opened,” the source explains.

It’s reportedly not the first time that Kate’s abuse has come to light, as nannies witnessed her getting physical with her twins, Mady and Cara, both 16.

In 2014, Robert Hoffman, author of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, wrote that the reality star was rough with the punishments she dished out to her kids. 

We miss him’: Kate, 41, revealed in August that she sent Collin away because he has special needs and wants him to ‘learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be’

She wrote in a journal that she couldn’t control then two-year-old Collin and had him sit in the corner for doing things she thought he did just to irritate her.

A former nanny also spoke out:

“Kate would spank her kids, especially the twins,”

“Kate would spank her kids, especially the twins,” said the nanny, who worked for the family during Kate and Jon’s marriage, telling a magazine.“

“The spanking was open-handed and was to discipline them if they wouldn’t listen, but the kids would just cry more,” the source continued. “They were scared. This would happen a few times a week.”

It is unknown where the investigation stands at the moment and if there was any merit to Collin’s claims, however apparently Jon is very shaken up by what he witnessed during their marriage.

“He worries every single day for his son,” says a source.”Jon used to have to grab Kate by her wrist to stop her from beating Collin and some of the other kids with a wooden spoon. He often had to stand between Kate and the kids to stop her from hitting them.”

What do you think about these latest allegations against Kate Gosselin?

UPDATE: Kate Responds To Allegations..

Kate Gosselin opened up about her son Collin, who is enrolled in a program away from home for his educational and behavioral challenges, and responded to claims of child abuse in a sit-down with Good Morning America, which aired Monday.

The reality star said it’s tough for Collin to be away from home, but she’s “definitely” in contact with her son. “It was not even really a choice. It was on the advice of his doctors and it had to happen,” she said. “He’s plodding along and we are too. It definitely was necessary. I’ll go to the ends of the earth for the best for each one of them. This is the best thing I can do for him right now, so that comforts me.”

Collin Gosselin (center)

When asked about recent rumors that Collin told staffers at the treatment facility that Kate abused him, the TLC star called the accusations “absolutely” untrue. “I’m in the public eye. I’ve been investigated many times [by child services]. It’s always unfounded, obviously,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jon, 39, has alleged that he hasn’t seen Collin in a year and a half and that Kate won’t tell him where he is. “We are both court ordered not to speak about the care and custody of our children in detail,” she said. “I’ve known all along where [Collin] is, but the world doesn’t know and I’ll leave it at that.”

“I’ve known all along where [Collin] is, but the world doesn’t know and I’ll leave it at that.” 

Although her ex has declared that he will take her to court over the issue, Kate said she doesn’t focus on that. “I’ve lost track of how many times he’s said that,” she said. “I don’t really pay attention.”

Jon’s attorney Kristen Doleva-Lecher countered to ABC News in a statement, “The whole story is not being told. … [Jon] is a loving and caring father who is acting within the scope of the law to do what is best for his kids.”

Despite the drama, Kate said that the family’s hugely successful reality series has left her with so many memories since it first aired in 2007. “I wanted those moments documented and got 10 years’ worth, and I will never, ever regret that,” she said.

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