A Mothers Post Goes Viral After Joking About Putting Her ‘Kray Twin’ Girls For Sale

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When a Mother chooses to call her two little girls the ‘Kray Twins’, you can well imagine that the name has some meaning behind it.

The girls are apparently such a handful, in fact, that the Mom of four has even joked about putting them up for sale on eBay.

Perhaps if you see the pics, you will understand why…

Imagine if you walk into your kitchen and see this:

The Mom, Kylie Cain, 28, admits that she didn’t know if she wanted to laugh or cry when she saw her two little girls, Myla, two, and one-year-old April-Rose, drinking milk off the kitchen floor….. alongside their dogs, Molly and Buster.

Myla even climbed on top of Buster so she could open the fridge and then fling the milk across the floor.

Kylie said: “Before I knew it the milk was all over the floor and the girls had decided that licking it up was the best next step.It’s definitely not something you see every day. It’s one of those mum moments where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry but in the end I decided it was way too funny not to capture it.”

She posted the picture of their clean-up operation to Facebook with the caption: “I am reluctant to have to get rid but I have no choice – they’re such hard work.

“They tag-team each other all the time and they’re eating me out of my own home, in fact. They all take it in turns to do something they shouldn’t on [a] daily basis, like a game of Chinese whispers.”

In a joking reference to her busy daughters, she adds: “If you can be the perfect people for the two poodles on the right, message me. I’m offering them to a good home. Can you sell kids on eBay?”

This is not a one-off incident. Kylie once had to deal with a fallout after the two girls decided to cover themselves, and her bedroom, in baby powder.

Kylie said: “They are like the Kray twins, wreaking havoc around the house. They get up to everything and they do it all together.

“And the dogs are always there with them – they’re all in on it. Staffies get a bad reputation but they are absolutely fantastic with all the kids. They have such a great bond.

“The mischief they get up to can get annoying and I do feel like I spend all my time cleaning up after them. I’m just lettings kids be kids, you have to. You can’t shout at them all the time.”

Ha ha!

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