A Mom’s Honest Post Exposes the Thing Parents Forget While School-Supply Shopping

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Shopping for school supplies as a kid, can be a really exciting activity. That initial feeling of organization is something to look forward to, as you start buying labels and files etc. For parents, that thrill isn’t quite the same.

With the long lists of expensive items provided by schools, there’s room for lots of complaining.

A mom is calling out why it’s so important for parents to remain positive during back-to-school shopping, even if the store did run out of the exact “green plastic no prong folder” on the list. Rachel Martin, blogger at Finding Joy, captured the honest post after shopping with her kids.

“They listen,” she opened her post. “I was in Target today picking up some last-minute school supplies and it was just disappointing. I don’t know if it was the day or time or what — but it felt like it was just full of complaining. Complaining about the notebooks or pencil count or the number of crayons. Maybe I just stepped in the wrong aisle at the wrong time.”

Rachel clarified that she totally understands the frustration, however, parents can’t forget what brought them to these stores in the first place: their children and their education.

“If we want them excited about school doesn’t it start with us?” she continued. “Doesn’t it start with us deciding to not complain about supplies but instead build excitement over what will fill those notebooks? Or what those crayons will color? Or calculators compute? I get that it costs money, I get that. I get that the lists are crazy long and with that one green plastic no prong folder that sells out on week one. I get that money can be tight. But no matter what — your, our, words matter.”

“Those vivid Crayons markers will tell stories and the hand sanitizer keep them healthy and the grid paper will provide order and the erasers will correct,” Rachel added.

Rachel also called out the obvious importance of education and how we’re so lucky to be b*tching about school supplies because there are some people who aren’t as lucky.

“When I was in Haiti there was no education,” she wrote. “Parents worked many jobs so their children could get a chance to attend school. Education matters. No matter what way — public, virtual, private, home school — education changes our children’s lives. So be excited about those supplies.”

She ended her note with one final reminder: “Love of learning starts with you.”

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