9-Year-Old Student Brings Loaded Gun To Elementary School

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Police are reportedly currently investigating after a 9-year-old child brought a loaded gun to his New Jersey elementary school.

The Lakewood Police Department says that they are investigating the report that the gun was brought to Oak Street Elementary School around 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

A student alerted security that a classmate had brought the gun to school. When the officers identified the 9-year-old, they did find a loaded .22 caliber handgun in his backpack.

The school district posted the following statement on their website:

“This morning, there was an incident at Oak Street School of a student in possession of a gun. Due to the quick response by the Lakewood School District Security and Lakewood Police, the school was not put in lockdown, as the student was apprehended upon entering the school. All students and staff are safe and the school is operating on a normal schedule. For further details, contact the Lakewood Police.”

The investigation is still ongoing.

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