9-Year-Old Becomes Hero After Saving Toddler From Drowning

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9-Year-Old, Alexis Edall, is being hailed as a hero after saving a toddler from drowning.

Edall was paddling on a floaty in the deep end of a local pool when she noticed a three-year-old fall into the water.

The toddler was straight up and down when she stepped into the water and began to sink,” explained Edall’s mother. “Alexis dove off of her floaty, swam down to the little girl, pulled her up and swam her to the side of the pool.”

The incident happened at a backyard pool party.

Proper precautions were being taken at the party – children were wearing personal flotation devices and there were adults in the pool to play with and supervise the kids. The child’s  personal flotation device was briefly removed after exiting the pool.

“This is an absolutely amazing story and successful rescue performed by a young hero,” said YMCA senior aquatic manager Randall Wight. “Her immediate reaction demonstrates the critical need for swimming, survival and emergency response skills programs.”

Edall will be acknowledged for her heroics in a ceremony at H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre this week.

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