How to Take a Family Vacation When Your Child Has Asthma

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How to Take a Family Vacation When Your Child Has Asthma

According to statistics, 8.6 percent of children have asthma. If one of your children has this condition, then you might feel that this hinders your ability to take a good quality vacation. The truth is that it doesn’t. Just follow these four tips so that you and your family can have a safe and pleasant vacation.

Check with your child’s pediatrician before the vacation.

Before venturing out on your trip, take your child to be checked by his or her pediatrician. His or her doctor will make certain that your child’s asthma symptoms are under control before giving you the “go ahead” on your family vacation.

Check the weather.

Following confirmation from the pediatrician, ensure that your destination’s weather will be safe for your child on the entire trip. It has been found that exposure to cold, dry air is a common asthma activation and can quickly result in critical symptoms. Likewise, hot and humid air can also trigger an onset of asthma symptoms and rainy weather promotes the growth of mold spores, which is an additional asthma activation. Along with the importance of staying clear from cold, hot, and rainy weather, it is also extremely vital to keep your asthmatic child away from pollutants, as they are very common detrimental triggers.

Continue giving your child his or her long-term medication.

It is exceedingly important that your child continues his or her daily long-term control asthma medication, especially when an upcoming family vacation is planned. Luckily, there are many of these long-term control asthma medications, like Aerospan RX, out there that will effectively reduce airway inflammation, control chronic symptoms, and prevent asthma attacks. However, the only downside is that these long-term control medications are not successful in treating the symptoms of a sudden asthma attack.

Stay in clean non-dusty and non-smoking areas.

When your family reaches the travel destination, make sure that your child stays away from dusty and smoky environments, as exposure to dust and smoke will also prompt asthma symptoms. If you’re going to a place like the Grand Canyon, though, where that can’t be prevented entirely, then you should definitely make sure that your child has a mask over his mouth and nose area.

Taking family vacations are hugely paramount in the fun and enjoyment for your family. However, unfortunately, there are particular illnesses, such as asthma, that needs to be considered first before going on a pleasurable trip. Therefore, with the use of these four tips, your family, as well as your asthmatic precious little one, will have the trip of everyone’s lives!

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