8-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Bullied

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Bullying in school can be extremely traumatic for teenagers but when an 8-year-old decides to commit suicide after being bullied in school, it’s unreal to think how distressed he must’ve been to bring his life to an end.

A mom, Cornelia Reynolds, is now left to live with that very though after she found her son dead in his room, hanging from a noose.

I was in the living room at the kitchen table,” said Cornelia to WLWT, “and I went back to check on my son and I found him hanging.”

 It started with a series of hostile encounters with bullies in Gabe Reynold’s Ohio elementary school, however administrators deny any evidence of bullying.

Apparently footage exists showing Gabe being knocked unconscious by another student in a bathroom, spending over 7 minutes laying motionless on the floor.

Carson Elementary School, however, refuses to release this footage.

“He actually attempts to shake the assailant’s hand,” said Jennifer Branch, the family’s attorney, “and the assailant pulled him forward and slammed him into the wall, and he is knocked unconscious for seven-and-a-half minutes.”

Instead of being more cooperative with the case, staff at the school have denied any issue with bullying.

The night after he was knocked unconscious, Gabe began vomiting and was quickly taken to the hospital.

Doctors thought it was the flu, but irrespective of the prognosis, only 2 days later, his mother says she found him in his bedroom from an apparent suicide.

The family’s goal is to get justice and to increase awareness about bullying.

I guess he didn’t know how to tell me stuff was happening,” said Cornelia, “Him going to the nurse’s station or him not wanting to go to school, that was his way of trying to communicate with me. That was his way….He probably didn’t want to say, ‘Ma, somebody’s bullying or picking on me,’ you know? He just didn’t know how to tell me.”

 She added, “I just feel like enough is not being done, and I feel like stuff is being swept under the rug.


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