7-Year-Old Saves Baby Sister’s Life When Stray Bullet Hits Family’s Car

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A 7-year-old girl has become a hero for saving her almost 2-year-old  sister’s life after a stray bullet hit their family’s car in Oakland.

The girl’s mother informed police that she had parked her car in East Oakland just before noon to consult her GPS when the shots began.

The mother said that when she reached back to check on the child, she saw blood coming from her back. The Mom then asked her 7-year-old daughter to apply pressure to the wound while she sped to the hospital.

“It was like four or five [shots] and then a pause, and then like another four,” Right after the last gunshot I heard a car peeling away.” said a nearby resident.

According to family members of the toddler, two cars were shooting at each other and the little girl got caught in the crossfire.

She was in stable condition after undergoing surgery. A family member said:

“I can let you know she is stable. And, we just ask for prayers. We’re holding up fine,”

Oakland police are still investigating the circumstances around the incident.

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