7 Children Found Living In Filth In Detroit Home

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The Detroit Police Department recently executed a search warrant of an abandoned home on Livernois. On inspection, the home had no heat, no working toilet and no windows.

It was definitely not a place for children, but unfortunately, the Police uncovered that there were 7 children living in the filth.

The children’s ages range from 9 months to 9 years.

Inside the home, Police found feces and even a dead dog. There weren’t even beds for the children to sleep in.

Diana Dupree, a neighbour says she noticed a child there once a few weeks ago.

“I saw a little boy. I don’t know how old he was – maybe about five or six – in the window. He had no shirt on and I just know it was cold that day. I just said wow – but I didn’t know. I haven’t seen nobody in a while,” Dupree said.

All 7 kids are now in the care of Child Protective Services, after a check-up at the hospital. A 29-year-old man, said to be the father of the children, was taken into custody however their mother was not arrested.

The house

Two guns were also found inside the home and the case remains under investigation.

It’s sad. I mean I’ve seen people in and out – you know the regular neighbourhood drug addicts and stuff – but I didn’t know there was that many kids,” Dupree said.

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