600 Pounds Of Meth-Laced Lollipops Seized

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Police are currently investigating a reported burglary and have seized almost $1 million worth of methamphetamine-laced lollipops.

Six hundred pounds of the homemade candy-drug mixture which was melted into various shapes – including Batman and “Star Wars” figures – were revealed in a Houston home. Police said the drugs had a street value of almost $1 million.

A neighbor called police on Monday to report that a house was being burglarized. When officers arrived on the scene they discovered a male and female removing the lollipops from the home.

They had so many narcotics in their vehicle they couldn’t close the back hatch of their car,” Lt. Ruben Diaz said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Police believe that the female suspect had at one time stayed in the home. The seizure is the first of its kind for the area, Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Cedrick Collier said. “The house was the place they manufactured the drug,”

It was evident they were making these in the kitchen.”  

Diaz added that the design of the lollipops had raised concerns that the drug is being marketed to children.

“It hits home and affects the entire community when someone is targeting children like this,” he said.


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