6-Year-Old Uses Sleeping Mom’s Fingerprints To Purchase Pokemon Gifts

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A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Desperate To Catch ‘Em All This Christmas

A fingerprint-ID locked phone wasn’t going to stop her from doing so…

Many Parents have been accusing the likes of Google and Amazon of making it too easy for their kids to make in-app purchases. In fact, children buying online without their parents’ consent has cost these companies millions in settlements.

For Mom Bethany Howell, it reportedly cost her $250 to purchase Pokemon presents without her knowledge.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the girl named Ashlynd used her mother’s thumb to unlock a phone and open the Amazon app as her Mother napped on the couch – just days before Christmas.

Ashlynd ordered 13 Pokemon gifts for herself. She told her parents she was “shopping” when they thought that their Amazon account had been hacked.

At least Ashlynd got the shipping address right!

Only four of the items were allowed to be returned, after her daughter’s scheme was unfolded.

Bethany told Ashlynd that Santa had learned about her doings and wouldn’t be bringing her all the gifts!

Santa clearly isn’t the only one who sees you when you’re sleeping.



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