6 Baby Care Tips For New Mom​

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A newborn baby may be fragile and to some extent overly soft especially on the head as a result of adjustments experienced as he or she passes through the birth canal.

This could feel unusual for first time moms and they may not know exactly what to do to make the baby feel comfortable and loved. There is so much that needs to be done in order to make a newborn feel comfortable including proper feeding, bathing, ample sleep among other things.

Additionally, being a first time experience and the mother,s body still weak after the birth process, a new mom will definitely need assistance and advice on how to take care of this new member of the family. This article brings to light 6 baby care tips for new moms.

1. Advice Before Leaving The Hospital

Advice from the doctors and the nurses in the hospital is the first resource that a new mom must take advantage of. The hospital members of staff are always friendly and willing to help at any given time. Moreover, there are hospitals that offer childcare lessons for new moms.

With this in mind, it is important that a mother gets to attend such classes and ask as many questions as possible about the care of a newborn. Practical lessons on how to bath a baby, breastfeeding, taking care of the healing umbilical cord, getting the baby to sleep among others goes a long way in making the life of a baby as well as that of a new mom comfortable.

2. Shopping before baby’s arrival

In order to have quality and adequate time to take care of the baby, a new mom ought to have bought all the items the baby will require before his or her arrival. It is paramount to make a shopping list and tick each item after it has been bought so as not to have important items left out.

The shopping list must include baby diapers, outfit, sleeping materials, baby lotion, bathing soap, disinfectants, baby swing as well as high chairs for baby. Visiting baby’s shop pays off as all items a baby would require are displayed and a mom is likely not to leave anything out.

3. Learn baby’s behaviors, signs and symptoms
Different babies respond differently to similar situations, they also have different ways of communicating with their mothers. A new mom must understand her own baby’s behavior and ways of communication. It is also important to be in a position to identify any signs and symptoms that might require doctor’s attention.

When a baby has got fever, swollen stomach or cries for long hours, it is crucial to contact a pediatrician who can tell if the baby is in perfect health or if there is need for medication.

4. Simplify some tasks
There is nothing wrong in looking for alternative when it comes to taking care of a newborn. For example, it is obvious that no new mom want to spend time listening to a baby cry and therefore she can do anything to make the baby calm down including feeding, changing the diapers among other.

In some cases the baby will not calm down and all she or he requires is the mother to hold and swing him or her. The good news is that there is a baby swing available in the market today that will do the soothing on behalf the mother, giving her time to rest or take care of other things in the house.

5. Be selective of the ideas given
It is possible that many people will want to chip in their ideas on how to take care of a newborn. However, the ideas may be confusing for the new mom leaving her and the baby uncomfortable as not all ideas work the same for all babies. Therefore, a new mom should learn to take care of the baby depending on the baby’s response, preference and reaction to different situations.

6. Maintain high level of hygiene

Proper hygiene is a key thing that must be maintained to the highest standards. This is so because baby’s immune system is not fully developed as that of adults and therefore they are at a higher risk of getting infections.

New moms must handle baby’s items with topmost care to ensure that there are no chances of contamination. Additionally baby’s clothing and feeding items must be stored separately from those of other family members and must be disinfected often.

In a nut shell, a new mom must follow a proper baby care guide in order to bring up a happy and a healthy child. Following doctor’s advice, shopping before baby’s arrival, observing hygiene as well as understanding baby’s behaviors are tips that every happy mom must apply.

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