5-Year-Old Rushes To Neighbor Crying “Mom Has Died In Shower” , She Spots His Hands & Reacts Instantly

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This young boy Sal Cicalese, from San Tan Valley, Arizona, isn’t just your average 5 year old.

He is a real hero – and across the internet, he is being praised for his life-saving actions.

One day, there was a knock on the door at Jessica Penoyer’s home in San Tan Valley.

Standing on the front porch with his baby sister is his hands was Sal Cicalese her 5-year-old neighbor,

Jessica recalls “He stood there holding something, and I thought it was a doll.”

She quickly realized it wasn’t actually a doll it was his two-month-old sister.

Initially, Jessica thought that the boy was trying to tell her that their dog had died, but she soon she realized he was trying to explain something entirely different.

Jessica claims “He said ‘No, my mom died in the shower, can you take care of us?’.”Jessica immediately contacted emergency services for an ambulance, once she understood the message he was explaining to her.

Thankfully, she just had a seizure in the shower and fainted so it turns out his mom wasn’t dead after all.

On pure instinct, Sal reacted immediately – everyone was left shocked by what the 5-year-old did next.Believing his mother was dead, Sal realized he needed to do something to keep himself and his sister safe.

In order to reach the button that controls the garage door, he dragged over a stool against the wall and climbed on it.

So that his sister would stay safe and warm, he wrapped her up in a blanket.

Then off he went to his neighbor’s house with his sister in his arms.

The ambulance quickly arrived and immediately took care of his mom, after he sought help and thankfully she survived.

This story could have ended a different way if it hadn’t been for the clever 5-year-old Sal.

His Mom Kaitlyn comments “Honestly he saved my life because I was under the faucet, and if he hadn’t have gotten the help I would have drowned.”Of course, the hero’s brave efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

He has received a diploma, smart fireman helmet and has also been named an honorary firefighter.

Firefighters and ambulance crew want to spread this story to remind all parents of the importance of explaining what to do in a case of an emergency to their children.

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