5-Year-Old Girl Died After Doctor Refused To See Her

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The online community is in shock after hearing the story of a little girl who tragically passed away after her doctor refused to see her.

The reasoning behind the Doctors refusal was that she was four minutes late to her appointment.

Ellie-May Clark died after suffering from an asthma attack, after Dr. Joanne Rowe, refused to see her.

The 53-year-old doctor reportedly knew that the girl was at risk of having a life-threatening seizure.

At the visit to the Doctor, the family were turned away and were advised to come back again in the morning. That evening Ellie-May’s mother, Shanice, sadly found the girl not breathing an hour after putting her to bed.

The incident took place in Newport, South Wales and was investigated by an independent panel. It was decided by the General Medical Council that Dr. Rowe’s refusal to see the little girl was the “root cause” of her death. It’s however, reported that the Doctor escaped with a fully-paid six-month suspension.

Ellie-May’s grandmother commented: “We’ve never even had an apology from Dr. Rowe, who got away with just a slap on the wrist after her clock-watching attitude killed our beautiful girl.

“She has been allowed to get on with her life, get another job and forget about it. But we have been left with nothing but pain. Ellie-May has been denied the life she should have had.”

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