5-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Apologises To Mom Before Dying In Her Arms

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A very heartbreaking story has emerged of a 5-year-old boy who apologised to his Mother on his death bed before he died, following a two-year battle with cancer.

Charlie Proctor was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer in 2016 and required a liver transplant.

His courageous fight got worldwide attention after his parents launched an appeal to raise £855,580 for him to have an operation in the USA.

However, this wasn’t a happy ending for little Charlie and his family, unfortunately, as the courageous little Lancashire boy passed away at the weekend.

Just hours before the youngster passed away his mum, Amber Schofield, posted the final picture of Charlie on social media stating that he’d said to her: “Mummy I’m sorry for this.”

Heartbreakingly, Charlie died in his parents arms.

She wrote: “My heart broke! No child should feel the emotions Charlie is feeling. No Child! No parent should watch their child slowly go. Having to watch them deteriorate in this way is the most painful thing anyone will ever feel.”

Amber also pleaded with people not to take life for granted, saying: “I miss his smile, knowing I won’t see that smile again other than in pictures, I will never hear Charlie laugh again. Please pray for a miracle, hold your babies tight and cuddle and kiss them so much. You don’t realise how lucky you are. We all take life for granted.”

Following this, his Mother only posted photos of Charlie in his healthier and happier days – finally posting a photo of Charlie with angel wings to announce his death.

In 2016 the boy was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma – a rare tumour that begins in the liver – and last month he was told he had just two weeks, ‘366 hours’ as his mum said, to live.

So sad