5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Holiday Season

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The holidays are an exciting time of year that are full of the hustle and bustle of family traditions, parties, shopping and the joy of love and togetherness. Keep your kids healthy and safe this holiday season so everyone enjoys this special time of year with these five tips.

1. Stay Safe in the Snow and Ice

Slips and falls on this ice account for hundreds of emergency room visits each holiday season. Help your child stay safe in winter conditions by ensuring they have proper shoes with rubber soles, encouraging them to use handrails on stairs and taking small steps on icy sidewalks.


2. Avoid Illnesses

Winter means that cold and flu season will soon be occurring. Avoiding these illnesses will not only help your child have more fun this holiday season but can prevent serious side effects from developing. Encourage your child to wash their hands as soon as they come home from school and before eating. Avoid sending your child to school when he or she is sick. If your child is recovering from a cold, teach them how to cough into their elbow to prevent their germs from spreading to others.


3. Limit Sweets and Treats

From plates of treats given by well-meaning neighbors to rich desserts at parties, the holidays are filled with a variety of sugar-laden goodies. Bacteria that naturally live in the mouth produce plaque, which feeds on the sugar that your children eat. This plaque then turns into acid and eats away at the tooth enamel, causing cavities to form. Limit the number of treats that your children eat this holiday season by encouraging healthy food choices, allowing them to choose one small treat and swishing with water right after eating until their teeth can be properly brushed. Visit a clinic like Schererville Family Dentist for a checkup before the holidays as well.


4. Be Aware of Small Batteries in Toys

Children are typically the recipients of a variety of gifts during the holiday season, many which rely on batteries for power. Small batteries pose a choking and health hazard to young and curious children. When ingested, the batteries can block airways and release acid and other toxins that can damage a child’s esophagus and digestive track. Check toys for small batteries and place a piece of tape over the doors of small electronics to prevent them from falling out. These toys should be kept up high and only played with under adult supervision.

5. Check Your Child’s Car and Booster Seats

Many families travel during the holiday season to spend time with distant family and friends. Ice-covered roads in winter can increase the risk of car accidents. Keep your children safe by checking their car and booster seats before you leave town. The restraining belt holding the seat in the car should be completely tight and flat with no twists. Make sure that the five-point harness strap fits on your infant’s chest with just one finger of space. Children in booster seats should be encouraged to wear the strap across their chest and to never remove it for comfort.

It doesn’t take too much time or energy to keep your children safe and healthy this holiday season. With these simple tips, you can encourage your children to stay healthy and enjoy every bit of the excitement and fun.


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