Pool Safety Gadgets For Young Kids

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About 10 people die every day from drowning, 2 are kids aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks 5th among the top causes of unintentional death in the US, according to CDC,

Most parents are aware of the basic pool safety rules:

  • Always keep an eye on your children, never leaving them alone at the pool
  • Teach your kids basic water safety tips
  • Send your children to swimming lessons
  • Share you safety tips with friends and family
  • Learn to perform CPR on children and adults, and update those skills regularly
  • If your child goes missing, always check the pool first

Perhaps you follow all these water safety rules but you who want that added security. If so, below are 6 great pool safety gadgets for your home.

1. Poolguard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm

Price: $132.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

This nifty device floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology to sense when the water is moving. It will then sound an alarm poolside and inside your home when movement is detected.

Poolguard Safety Buoy Pool Alarm
Via www.poolcenter.com

2. Pool Eye Universal Alarm

Price: $184.99, Amazon (Affiliate)

This gadget monitors pools measuring up to 20’ x 40’ and detects objects in the water over 15lbs.

2. Pool Eye Universal Alarm
Via www.poolcenter.com

3. Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System

Price: $142,49, Amazon (Affiliate)

This gadget is a wristband that goes around your kids’ wrist, when the wristband is submerged in water, it sends a signal, which sounds a high alarm. Also handy for pets!

Safety Turtle Pool Alarm System
Via www.safetyturtle.com


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