4-Year-Old Exposes Babysitter Who Lied About Armed Robbers

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Four-Year-Old Girl Exposes Babysitter Who Lied About Armed Robbers In Their Home

There are very few toddlers who can hold the title of “superhero” in their short lives, but Abby is one that can.

And its all because of two men who broke into her Ferndale, Washington home and stole some of the family’s and toddler’s precious belongings. Abby helped police solve the crime.

Abby was at home – looked after by her 17-year-old babysitter on a Wednesday afternoon back in 2014, when they suddenly became victims of a home intrusion and robbery.

They told us to get out of the house cause they wanted to steal stuff,” Abby told Q13Fox.

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Two men broke through the front door and told the toddler and her babysitter to get out of the house, and took a few possessions from the home, some of which were Abby’s favorites.

The bad guys stole my kitty bank, and they stole my iPod.” She continued, “They also stole my Xbox and my Wii.”

Fortunately for the 4-year-old, she was able to get those items back with some good old-fashioned truth-telling and detective work.

The toddler’s teenage babysitter had told investigators that the robbery had been conducted by two armed black men, and claimed that one of them looked a lot like the next door neighbor, Cody Oaks.

Image credit: Q13Fox Screenshot

Cody was handcuffed and questioned for 5 to 6 hours.

It was only after Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office finally asked Abby what happened, did the 4-year-old reveal something that “changed everything.”

“It wasn’t the right skin color,” she said. Abby said to investigators that the thieves weren’t black, but white–and that led them to further question the teenage sitter’s story, who ultimately confessed.

The teen then admitted that she, along with her 16-year-old boyfriend and another young suspect, orchestrated the false robbery. They had even planned to frame the innocent man next door to cover their tracks.

Oaks had absolutely no hard feelings about the accusation though, and he had hoped it would be a lesson for the teenage criminals who wanted to get away with the crime.

It’s kind of sad because I don’t think she realizes the dangerous situation she put me in,” Oaks said.

Its an awful thought that a man could have been robbed of his life and sent to jail for an indefinite amount of time for a crime he didn’t commit –  but luckily for him, a witness was present, and it was this little girl—who knew right from wrong.

I thinked [sic] about how that was really…her being bad—she is not a good babysitter.”

Abby’s mother said that she is proud of her daughter for telling the truth, helping free an innocent man, and bring the wrongdoers to justice.In the end, Abby was delighted to get her belongings returned to her. She said, “They got it back because of me being the superhero.”

The lying babysitter and two accomplices were thankfully arrested, Abby got her gadgets back and an innocent man went home to his family.

Well done Abby!


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