4-Year-Old Boy Severely Injured In Dog Attack

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4-Year-Old Matthew Guess,  is currently recovering at Little Rock Children’s Hospital after being attacked by two dogs on Thursday (April 6), according to his father, Dustin Guess.

Guess told reporters that his son was walking between their home and their landlord’s home near West Fork, when a neighbor’s dogs attacked the boy.

Guess said that he was outside at the time working on a hog fence when he saw the attack unfold.

A female dog grabbed the child by the right leg and began dragging him, then a male dog grabbed him by the face, according to Guess.

Guess said that he ran as fast as he could to get the dogs off his son and bring him to safety.

Matthew suffered several injuries to his face as well as his body in the attack. Guess said the dogs are now on a 10-day quarantine.

Police have not issued any information regarding the incident.

“My son is the bravest, strongest human I have ever met,” said Guess.

A fundraiser has been set up for Matthew on Facebook. The description reads:

Today Matthew was attacked by two pit bulls. His face was severely damaged, and his legs. He is going to have to have facial reconstruction surgery, and therapy. We would like to raise money to help with the expenses of the family. Anything will help!”

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