4 Ways to Help a New Mother Succeed

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Being a new mother is exciting, stressful and sometimes, a bit scary. You don’t know what to expect because you’ve never raised a child before! Simply put, parenthood is the one job you receive no training for and have to learn “on set.”

Back in my mother’s day and in her mother’s day, the “village” mothers and all parents had to help with the children was much more expansive. With each generation it seems, our village of helpers shrink. Grandparents are still working unlike in previous generations in which they were home to care for grandkids.

Let’s not forget that new mothers had the benefit of family members living with her back in previous generations. So in our modern day, how can we help a new mother succeed?

Being There to Listen

Being a new mother can be rather lonely, especially if the mother is at home or working in an environment in which there are no other working mothers. Being a friend or ear for a new mother is a great way to help her succeed. Just having people who are there to listen to her when times are scary, stressful or great too is a huge help.

Helping Hands

Do you know a new mother? Offer helping hands! Come by so she can take a nap or even better, offer to help with the chores that plague moms of newborns such as laundry and housecleaning. Helping hands go a long way to relieving a new mother of stress when she’s still learning how to care for a new life.

  Lead Her to Resources

Facebook, hospital-based or community based mothers groups help new mothers get out, socialize, vent and learn about the ways of motherhood in a social and fun way. I remember my mom’s group days so fondly. My baby was three weeks old when I ventured out of the house for the very first time alone with her to visit mom’s group. I went for the whole year and it was such a great support for me as a new mother.

Don’t Judge

If you know a new mother and she plans on bottle feeding while you on the other hand, were a staunch nurser, don’t judge. Each mom has her own path to blaze. Unless she’s doing something harmful to her baby, be there as she learns and finds her own way. Your support will go a long way towards making a happy mother and child.

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