4 Pointers for Single Dads

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So you’re a single dad. Now what?

Before you panic or think to yourself, “I just can’t do this,” stop and take a deep breath and remember that the world is full of single dads who have gotten through these doubtful moments just as you are right now. You may be a single parent because of divorce, the death of a spouse or parent, or for other reasons and now, you’ve got to learn how to be the very best single dad you can be. Parenthood is never easy– single parenthood or coupled parenthood– so try to believe in yourself and give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You CAN do this!

4 Pointers for Single Dads:

1-  Network with Other Single Dads

Use social media and the internet to reach out to other men in your shoes because they will be your best support. Their experience and guidance can get you through some of the toughest times of your parenting life. They have been there and done that, and can offer you advice to avoid problems that they had the unfortunate experience of going through.

Men are typically hesitant to reach out for help but if you want to provide a good life for your child, building a village for yourself as a single parent will benefit you and your kids.

2- Try to Have A Relationship With Your Coparent

If there is another parent in the equation, try your best to have an amicable relationship with the other party. This doesn’t mean you have to be best friends or talk on the phone, but it does mean having open communication whether through email or phone (depending on your unique circumstances) with the other person. And even if the person is difficult, never ever ever badmouth the other parent in front of your child or family members! That’s a no-no!

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3-  Don’t Rush to Date and Introduce Your Kids to These Partners

If you want to date, that’s fantastic! But please remember to keep your dating life separate from your kids until you have established a legitimate relationship that has lasted more than a few months. Men seem quick to partner up and get new love interests in their kids’ lives, possibly due to needing emotional support with the kids, but that’s where your group of single dad friends and family and other friends should jump in. Your kids don’t need to know someone until this person has permanence for you.

4- Believe in You

Even if there is no other parent in the picture, unless you are mentally unstable or have a chemical dependency, you can do this! There is no reason you cannot provide a good life for your kids.

Your kids don’t need fancy toys and gifts or a big house to make life wonderful. Your kids won’t miss out while you are working. Your kids only miss out if you are not a present, positive and loving person in their lives. You are capable.

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