4 Healthy Habits to Teach Your Kids

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We teach our kids to say “Please” and “Thank you,” as well as many social habits we hope they’ll have for a lifetime. It’s important to teach our kids social manners, but just as much, it is vital that we help teach our kids certain healthy habits that will keep the strong and well all life long!

Drinking Water

Your kids don’t need juice, unless they absolutely abhor water and in which case, you can’t let the kiddos dehydrate! But one of the healthiest habits to start young is drinking water. Getting kids used to have water regularly and as the main option for use with meals and snacks, is a habit that will go with them into adulthood. It’s also better for their teeth and free!

Washing Hands

What is it about kids that make them hate to wash their hands? As a preschool teacher and as a mother, I have had kids including my daughter, fight me to wash hands. But hand washing helps prevent illness and spread of germs, not just keep those sticky peanut butter fingers from being off your couch! Making a game out of washing hands is a way to make one of the best health and hygiene habits stick!

The Value of Food

Teaching little ones the differences between simple and complex carbohydrates, proteins, fruit and veggies, and fats will help them make good choices as they grow. You can’t completely restrict sweets from a child’s diet– unless you want him or her to become secret binge eater or crave sugar constantly later on in life, but you can teach a child how each food group makes you “feel” when you eat them. The healthiest habits of all includes continual conversation about how each type of food works in our bodies and then, eating healthy as a good example to our kids. Here is a great resource for parents looking to share healthy eating habits with their children: www.chosemyplate.gov/kids

Daily Movement

If you don’t move and exercise, why should your kids? Incorporating daily exercise and movement into your day whether it’s for an evening walk or bike ride is a great way to build healthy minds and bodies.

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