4 Arrested After Girl Found To Be Victim Of ‘Worst Case Of Child Abuse’ Police Have Ever Seen

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Four people have been arrested after a 10-year-old girl was finally able to escape her home where she was allegedly beaten and tortured for months before running to a neighbor for help.

The suspects, which include the child’s own mother, are now facing charges ranging from second-degree assault to endangering the welfare of a child after the girl spoke of the horrific abuse she had allegedly endured since at least April.

The mother of the 10-year-old girl (not pictured above), Leslieann Raeder, 34, was arrested by Oswego County police in Upstate New York after her daughter managed to escape her home and run to a neighbor’s house for help.

Raeder has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

The girl ran to neighbor Autumn Lee Butchino’s home.

“She said they were all sleeping, so she waited until they were all asleep then she left, so she wouldn’t get beat, so they wouldn’t find her,” Butchino told MyTwinTiers.com.

Butchino says that the girl was covered in bruises and had an injury to her stomach.

“She was crying, she had tears running down her face, she was all dirty, she hasn’t had a shower in two weeks,” said the neighbour.

Shawn Whaley, 23, Brandy Shaver, 18 and Gary Bubis, 37, (pictured above) were also arrested and have been charged with second-degree assault.

In a detailed report, the child explains the alleged abuse that she suffered at the hands of the four adults.

CNY Central reported that at one point, suspect Shawn Whaley asked the child a question. When the child was unable to answer, she alleges that the man then kicked her in her private parts while wearing boots.

The girl also detailed an alleged incident where she was taken to Happy Valley Game Management Park in the middle of the night by Whaley and Shaver and “forced (the child) to run with weighted backpacks,” according to a sheriff’s office press release, Oswego County News reports.

“The victim was followed and struck by the motor vehicle for running too slow,” officers wrote. “The victim was tied to the rear of the vehicle by a rope for running too slow and was dragged.”

It hurt really bad and I cried,” the 10-year-old told the deputy. “I cut my hands and legs up from being dragged.”

The girl was also allegedly denied food and given only one meal a day, that she says would be doused with hot sauce.

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