38 Pound, 8-Month-Old Baby Leaves Doctors Perplexed

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Eight-month-old Chahat Kumar from New Delhi is a morbidly obese baby girl who has left doctors baffled after she started gaining weight at the age of just 4 months.

The baby now weighs the same as an average 4-year-old – around 38lbs.

Chahat’s mother, Reena Kumar, says her birth weight was completely normal but she started putting on weight within a few months thereafter.

Her father, Suraj Kumar, said that because of her condition, the baby feels hungrier in comparison to other children of her age and demands milk and food more often.

Her excessive weight has also led to breathing and sleeping problems.

Chahat’s skin has also become abnormally hard which makes it difficult for Doctors to diagnose her condition and take blood samples to carry out tests.

Even though her parents have been advised to take her to a specialist pediatrician at a civil hospital in Amritsar, their financial constraints do not allow for it.

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