30 hilarious reasons dads cannot be trusted to be alone with their babies

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30 hilarious reasons dads cannot be trusted to be alone with their babies

When mom is away, dad will play!

You need to check out these hilarious photos captured when dads were left alone to hang out with their kids. They’re all funny and a lot of them are even ingenious. We even bet that some of them are relatable, too!

1. Dad’s idea of swaddling.

We don’t think think this is how they taught it in the parenting classes, but it works!
2. When dads try to play hairdresser.

When she asked her dad to put her hair in a bun, this probably isn’t what she meant.
3. Dad was in charge. Are you surprised?

This is a surprising take on what he thinks his baby’s eyebrows should look like.

4. A twist on nap time.

Sometimes dad needs a nap more than the baby does.

5. This dad is getting organized.

At least he’ll never forget who he’s supposed to be watching.

6. This dad is quite the multitasker.

You’ve got to admit, this is a pretty ingenious way of watching the kids without sacrificing your time to relax. Win-win!

7. Mom said the kids have to stay in bed.

So, just hook the bed up to the back of a four-wheeler. It’s as easy as that!

8. This is too sweet.

But it’s also probably pretty messy and sticky.

9. Put the kids to bed.

And if dad passes out too, that’s okay! Just as long as everyone gets tucked in.

10. Dad needs help shoveling the snow.

This guy wasn’t missing hangout time with his baby just because of a little snow.

11. This just make us smile!

We’ll admit it, this one is pretty hilarious. Just look at how cute that baby’s smile is!

12. This baby has aged hanging out with dad.

An hour has felt like years for this little guy. Now, he’s just one of the guys!

13. Sometimes you have to make due with the situation at hand.

This baby could only sleep when held like this, so naturally dad got hungry after a couple of hours.

14. She said she wanted a swing.

What’s better than making her a swing? How about becoming one?

15. He seems like a little old man when he’s with his dad.

Oh yeah, that’s because his father dressed him up like a little old man!

16. Here’s daddy’s little helpers.

This dad has got it made with his waitstaff, er, we mean kids!

17. Like father like son.

When mom is away, the boys will play!

18. That’s one big kiwi.

This dad thought the top of his baby’s head looked familiar. We’re so glad he finally made the connection.

19. Dad didn’t have any extra hair ties.

But don’t worry, because he always has extra zip ties which seem to be the next best thing!

20. Dad’s solution to a wandering baby.

Well, this is one way to make sure they don’t wander away.

21. Is it a crepe, or is it a baby?

It’s both! Hasn’t anyone ever told this dad not to play with his food?

22. This is actually genius.

Mom wasn’t there to feed the baby, so this dad came up with an ingenious way to get his baby to eat!

23. His costume really came together with dad’s special touch.

Just don’t tell mom that he rifled through her makeup bag to make it happen.

24. Daddy’s little helper.

Looks like it’s going to be a crazy night with dad!

25. Speaking of getting some help shopping…

This dad decided it was his turn to be pushed around at the store.

26. Could you pack a bag for the baby?

Okay, that’s not what we meant.

27. This dad forgot a crucial part of his baby’s outfit.

Overalls generally have a shirt underneath them.

28. This dad doesn’t need a shopping basket.

Did someone tell him that a stroller isn’t the same as a shopping cart?

29. That’s some incredible balance.

When the baby falls asleep on you, you have to stay entertained somehow!

30. This guy’s got a post-dad day hangover.

We’re cracking up at the photo this dad staged!

How funny are these? Let us know which made you laugh the hardest!

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