3-Year-Old Mauled To Death By Family’s Newly Adopted Dog

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A father in Oklahoma said he is distraught after his 3-year-old daughter was mauled to death by a dog the family owned for less than a week.

Jason Dodge said that his mother was watching his little girl, Rylee Marie, on Sunday when he received an alarming phone call, KFOR-TV have reported.

“I got the phone call, you know. ‘Your daughter and the dog,’ that’s all I heard,” he told the news station.

He then rushed home and found his mother on top of the pit bull and his daughter lying on the bed with very severe injuries.

Dodge said that he grabbed his daughter and ran out of the door, as an ambulance was pulling into their driveway.

Paramedics and Doctors tried to save Rylee, who eventually passed away at the hospital.

The 3-year-old died of multiple sharp and blunt force injuries to her head and neck, said Amy Elliot, a spokeswoman for the state Medical Examiner’s Officer.

“She was just so chewed up, I mean there’s just no coming back from that,” Dodge said. “The doctors did everything they could. They tried to give her blood and everything, and she’d just passed.”

A officer with the Duncan Police Department shot and killed the dog in the family’s backyard, say reports.

Dodge said that the pit bull named Remington had only lived with them for 5 days before attacking his daughter.

“I was very cautious about it,” he told KSWO. “I don’t just bring random dogs into my home. I took my son over there and the dog didn’t attack him. It loved him and gave him a hug and licked him in the face and everything.”

The grieving father said that there are so many things he will never forget about his daughter, like her smile.

“I mean there is so much I could talk about, but I’m just too depressed right now to talk much more. But I miss her so much,” Dodge said.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to help pay for Rylee’s funeral expenses.


Cyberbullying Blamed For Child Model’s Suicide


Hundreds of people are remembering Dolly who was known as the face of the Australian bushmen’s hat brand and whose family says she killed herself after being targeted by cyberbullying. 

A 14-year-old girl who was the angelic face of an Australian bushmen’s hat brand was remembered by hundreds of mourners on Friday, after her suicide focused attention on the dangers of cyberbullying.

The memorial service for Amy “Dolly” Everett took place in the small Northern Territory town of Katherine near her family’s cattle ranch.

Most mourners dressed in the girls favorite color, blue, and many had driven hundreds of kilometers (miles) from distant ranches.

A photograph of a young Dolly, her smiling face framed by sun-kissed curls and shaded by a rabbit-felt hat, has been featured in the advertising of Akubra Hats since 2009, most recently this past Christmas.

More than a century old and one of Australia’s most iconic brands, Akubra has made so-called bush hats, the Australian military slouch hats and even the fedora worn by Harrison Ford’s character Indiana Jones in the 1981 movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

The girls family has blamed recent online bullying after Dolly’s death last week but hasn’t given any specifics of the bullying or her cause of death. The sad news travelled quickly via social media from the remote and sparsely populated cattle country of Australia’s rugged far north.

“We are shocked and distressed to hear of the passing of ‘Dolly’,” Akubra said in a statement.

Stating that the girl chose to end her life to escape being bullied, the company said, “To think that anyone could feel so overwhelmed and that suicide was their only option is unfathomable.

Akubra, based in Kempsey, New South Wales state, used the endearing Outback cowgirl image frequently in its marketing since it was taken at the remote Brunette Downs Station cattle ranch.

After the memorial service, mourners released balloons and butterflies.

The girls father, Tick Everett, flanked by his wife Meg and daughter Meg, urged parents to speak to their children about their relationships and bullying.

“Speak even if your voice shakes,” he said, quoting a caption of a sketch of a dancer that Dolly had recently drawn. “Stop bullying and be kind and do it for Dolly,” he added.

The debate about the perils to children of online communication has even caught the attention of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“From pain and loss, we must renew our commitment to say no to bullying,” Turnbull wrote in a Facebook comment.

The Australian government had established an eSafety Commissioner to tackle cyberbullying and to work with internet companies to promote online safety, Turnbull said.

The opposition Labor Party’s last prime minister, Kevin Rudd, tweeted, “Any form of bullying is an assault on our values. And in this young girl’s life with lethal effect.”

Police say they are investigating the bullying allegations on behalf of a state coroner who will report on the cause of Dolly’s death. However, no criminal investigation is underway.

Coroners can, however, recommend criminal charges at the end of an investigation into an unexpected death.

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