3-year-old Kid Overjoyed By His Adoption In The Happiest Photo Ever

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This 3-Year-Old Boy’s Happiness Over Being Adopted Is So Infectious

After 832 days in foster care, a 3-year-old boy’s happiness over being adopted after is so infectious. This will definitely make you smile.

His adoptive sister posted a photo of Michael Brown, where he pumps his fist in the air and smiles with excitement after his adoption was concluded in family court on December 20th in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dezhianna “Dae” Brown, 17, shared the good news with photos on Twitter from the big day with the words “Forever Family”

Michael, his adoptive sisters and adoptive mom Tara Montgomery are just beaming with joy.

It’s such a rewarding experience seeing Michael open up to my family,” said Montgomery

I say I adopted him, I signed the papers, but we all adopted him,’

  “He’s all of ours.

The boy was first placed with the family on Valentine’s Day of last year when he was just 18 months old.

Michael was supposed to reunite with his biological mother, but when that did not work out, he was put up for adoption.

At first he cried often and was sick quite often.

When we first got him he was shy and always cried,” said his sister.

Now his personality has grown so much, and he is just a happy kid!

“He’s a totally different child now,’

 “I feel like he knows that he’s safe and secure. He says all the time, ‘Mom, I’m so happy.

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