3-Year-Old Girl Snuggling With Diverse Doll Collection Is Giving The Internet All The Feels

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Mom of five, Katie Stauffer is known for her blog Over Our Wall, where she shares adorable pictures of her children, especially 3-year-old twins Mila and Emma on a regular basis.

One of her most recent Instagram posts has sent the internet into meltdown for its cuteness overload. Katie shared a picture of daughter Emma sleeping with her dolls, which is quite standard really.

Katie’s family. Image overourwall.com

However, people have reacted to the picture because little Emma’s collection of dolls is quite special and diverse. Emma can be seen snuggling into 5 different dolls, from a regular Barbie doll to baby dolls all of different ethnicities.

Katie spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle recently when she revealed that she was having trouble getting her twins to take a nap. She said young Emma came up with an idea and told her mom, “I will take a nap if I can sleep with all my dolls.”


Katie further explains that when she walked into the room a bit later, she found Emma passed out with all her dolls around her. Mila her other twin had decided to add some dolls to the picture for good measure, because like her mom she is a little social media star too and knows what makes a good picture, despite being only 3-years-old.

Stauffer has over 3 million social media followers, and when she posted the picture she was bombarded with comments from friends and fans who were delighted to see the multicultural dolls.

Some of the comments include “Not only is she adorable! But the fact that you have a doll in every complexion is beautiful. This photo is too precious! ”, “Love the diversity, beautiful dolls” and “I love that all her babies have different skin tones.” Almost all of the commenters have picked up on the multicultural aspect of the picture, which has made it so special.

Twins Emma and Mila, Image from Katie Stauffer

Katie recalls that she grew up playing with different dolls of all ethnicities, and while her mother collected Cabbage Patch Kids she would get dolls of all shades and colors. “I don’t know if my parents did it for that reason, but I think it’s important. The girls are so young. When I was younger, people didn’t do that. If I can help in any certain way, I think that’s important,” she says.

Katie said her daughters find their dolls totally normal and they have no preferences when picking out a doll from the store and choose what the like, skin tone doesn’t come into it for them. She said “To them they’re all the same. When we go to stores they pick whatever. They pick what they want.”

Due to Katie’s infamous blog and Instagram posts, her daughters have become internet sensations in their own right. In saying that however, Katie said that the attention they have been getting out in public recently is something that they are not yet used to.

Image from Katie Stauffer

“That’s new to us. We went to New York for something and that was our first experience. We had 40 people lined up,” she explains.

You can check out all the adorable snaps and stories on Katie’s blog by following this link: http://overourwall.com/



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