3-Year-Old Dies After Shooting Himself Accidentally

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Police in Memphis say a three-year-old found his father’s gun and shot himself.

The boy’s Family says the toddler was fighting for his life but passed away just a few hours after the shooting.

“I just don’t want them to try to make it like he’s a murderer like he killed his son. He’s terrible he’s doing bad right now,” Antonio Fagian the victim’s uncle shared. “That was his only son.”

Fagian says that his brother Cortez Wilkerson called him in tears, saying that 3-year-old Cash Wilkerson somehow got ahold of his gun and shot his self in the head.

“The father and his girlfriend were taken to 201 Poplar,” says media reports. “But the family says this is not a crime it’s just a really unfortunate accident.”

“You got the first 48 over there like its a crime scene murder charge,” Fagian said.

Wilkinson was reportedly keeping the boy for the weekend but tragedy changed the course of the days to come.

From what I heard he had it in a gun case,” Fagan said. “He probably went to the bathroom, or whatever, he’s three-year-old active boy got it out of the gun case.”

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