3-Year-Old Boy Dies A Day After His Twin Brother Drowns

twin brothers srown
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Twin brothers have died a day apart, after a drowning incident which took place in a South Carolina pool.

The two boys and their family were at a social event at a home in Easley, South Carolina.

The children at the gathering were playing outside and somehow the twin boys got into a locked pool area either by climbing over or under the fence.

Another child then found them in the four-foot, above-ground pool possibly 15-20 minutes after they had gone in. The coroner told CBS affiliate WSPA he thinks the boys were in the water for about 15 minutes before they were discovered.

The one toddler named Caleb was pronounced dead after being taken to a nearby hospital. The other twin, Ezekiel was placed on life support, but died the day after.

Accidental drowning was recorded as the cause of death in both cases.

Brandon Marcengill, the father of the twin boys, urged everyone to hug their loved ones:


“Hold them tight. You protect your kids as best as you can. They reach an age where they can run around and play. How do you defend against everything?”


Parents, for more information on water safety. Please see read this article.


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