6 Ways to Encourage a Love of Literacy

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4. Journaling

Even if your child is as young as two, give him or her access to his or her own little journal that can be written in with crayon. Encouraging your child to print and draw his or her own stories and words, even if the “words” look like mush will encourage a love of literacy  and build fine motor skills!

5.  Make It Fun

For toddlers and children who need to move or want to be outdoors, why not make it a sensory experience?

Make letters outdoors (or indoors) with:

  • shaving cream
  • sand
  • chalk– big chalk letters on the driveway or sidewalk are a ton of fun. Make it a hopscotch board full of letters and add movement to the game. “Can you jump to the Y?”
  • rocks: make letters with rocks!

6. Listen

Stories on CD in the car or house also encourage a love of literacy right in the home.

No matter what you do, make it fun, be silly and make reading time a priority in your children’s every day lives. You’re bound to see a difference no matter how naturally reading comes (or doesn’t come), to your child.


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