3 Ways Dads Can Bond With Their Kids This Father’s Day

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In my parents’ generation, fathers were less at the forefront of childcare. Loosely defined, a father’s job was to provide for the home as a financial breadwinner, and mothers were in charge of day to day care of the children and the home. Men stepped in to do “labor” jobs for the homes of course. Today, family roles look much different. From LGBT parents and families to single working mothers, the dynamic and look of the family is not the same as my parents’ generation. Dads today are more hands on, providing income as well as childcare. It’s now expected that dads will nurture and care for the kids in a way that they didn’t before. So that makes this Father’s Day the perfect time to truly allow dads to bond with their children in a way they might not get to do during the week or weekend. Instead of fretting over Father’s Day gifts although certainly dad deserves a present, try creating some fun ideas for the dads in your life to bond with their kiddos. Making memories is better than unwrapping a present any day!

1. Multi-Generational Men’s Only Gathering

Perhaps it’s time that all the family fathers– fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers and beyond, gather with the children (sans the women of the family) to celebrate Father’s Day multigenerational style!

Gathering for a camp cookout, a family softball game, a dinner, or even a trip to the beach with all the men and kids of the family could be a great way to make memories this Father’s Day.

2. Weekend Getaway

Moms, let the dads take the kids for a weekend getaway this Father’s Day! Think of it this way: you’ll get a break.

This leaves dad in charge to do whatever he wants with the kids, on his terms, and yes, that’s a good thing. If the kids only eat Twinkies all weekend with dad…well, at least it’s just for one weekend!

3. Growing Up Dad: The Movie

Make a video, slideshow or movie all about dad for the kids to see. Make some popcorn and gather the family around the computer or TV to watch the “Dad” show. Even better? Try videotaping dad as much as you can now and create a video called, “A Day in the Life of Dad.” This is an amazing way for the kids to learn about their father not only as a father, but also as a human being. It’s a great bonding moment and opportunity for the kids to ask their dad question after question…after question!

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