3 Tips for Keeping Baby Safe on the Go

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You love to take your baby on outings but also want to know that she is always safe and secure wherever you take her. Following these proceeding safety tips will help ensure that she is always in good hands no matter where you are. When caring for your child, you should always be:


When taking your child on an excursion, always have necessary supplies on hand. A baby thermometer, diapers and wipes, sunscreen, extra clothing, a first aid kit, baby aspirin and/or fever reducer, and a list of emergency numbers should always be in your vehicle in the case of an emergency. Always have your fully charged phone with you, so you can call anyone you may need at any particular time. Keep automobile safety supplies such as jumper cables, flares, and portable air compressors in your car at all times, and check and re-stock these on a regular basis. Your vehicle should always be in top condition to avoid stalls and blow-outs on the road. If you are on a tight budget and need a part for your car you can always look into places like U Pull & Pay for some good sources for quality replacement parts.


If traveling through a large city, always stay posted as to traffic issues. Getting stuck in traffic for long periods of time would be very difficult, especially if you were alone with the baby. Keep an eye on the weather and avoid freezing rain, slush, snow, and heavy rains by not traveling during these difficult times. Stay posted on road construction also, as this can cause long and frustrating delays. Know exactly what kind of car seat your infant needs at every age and how to secure it properly.


Always be alert to any dangers around you. If you are at a park, watch for flying insects that could sting, suspicious strangers who seem too endeared to your youngster, and older children who could inadvertently throw or kick a dangerous ball or other item in her direction. Always look both ways and watch for oncoming cars and emergency vehicles when crossing streets, even when you have the signal to cross. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather which could require rain-gear, warmer clothing, or lighter apparel.


Being proactive when it comes to your child’s safety is no small thing. You want the best for your baby, and safety will be a number one issue with her even when she is grown. Be open to the fact that dangers are everywhere but can be avoided with attention to detail and a proactive mindset.

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