3 Things Young Children Do NOT Need

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As a parent we all want what is best for our young children, but sometimes we get caught up in what every other parent is doing or in the marketing world, that we start to feel as if somehow, we are not good parents unless we do or buy X, Y or Z. From the moment you have a baby—actually even before that, you’ll receive ad upon coupon upon marketing service messages telling you what you need to buy for your baby. A lot of this is unnecessary junk that you will end up using once and wondering why in the heck you even registered for such a product. So before you get caught up in the hype of what you think young children need to develop and grow, consider the fact that your young children do NOT need these three things—even if they want them!

#1 Trip to Disney

A trip to Disney would be amazing, however in order to become a healthy vital citizen, your child does not need to go to Disney. Disney is a great family vacation and obviously it’s a lovely experience to have but it’s an expense. If you cannot afford it, your little ones will survive. Besides, Disney isn’t going anywhere. You can always go when they’re older although sure, they may appreciate it more when they’re in that princess or Mickey stage!

#2 Electronics


Some people will disagree with me but as someone who stares at a computer screen typing away each day and is glued to her phone for business purposes, your kiddos don’t need to have a tablet or access to a computer to develop. Young children need opportunities to learn how to socialize, play and discover. Most of that in fact, should be off a computer. When your young children head off to elementary school, they’ll be inundated with technology and most likely, using laptops and tablets in school starting as early as kindergarten. They’re growing up in a digital age. They have all the time to learn how to surf the net properly and use Adobe Photoshop. Don’t be so quick to stick them behind any screen—TV too—unless you need a parent break, which is normal. I am so glad my daughter is spending her childhood using her imagination organically and learning to socialize with kids rather than being stuck to an electronic. In a few years from now, she’ll be heavy into tech and will know all she needs to know to survive the digital world.

#3 Million Activities


Growing up, my play dates consisted of playing with my neighbor and going outside. Obviously, as parents we want our kids to have the chance to try many different things in order to learn what they like: dance, karate, baseball, etc., but kids do not need a million or any activities to develop. What kids do need is access to other children to learn how to socialize in their peer groups, and exposure to different activities, textures, sensations, and types of people. This could mean trying a class out for a day or you going in the backyard and swinging the bat and ball with your kid. It may mean signing junior up for soccer yes, but your children don’t need a packed schedule to become a responsible and happy adult later on. If you do over-schedule your child, I can guarantee your kid will be tired, stressed and cranky. This will only bring on bad behavior and anxiety from a stressful schedule. Mark my words.

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