Think About These Challenges BEFORE You Give Birth

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There’s nothing like the birth of your first and only child to bring immense joy and pleasure to the lives’ of new parents. Of course though, with that immeasurable joy and excitement there comes new stressors, changes and other adjustments that must be made by both you and your partner in order to be great parents, and happily married.  There are certain life events that present challenges to marriage and a new baby is probably one of the greatest. It truly tests your marriage’s ability to survive and grow.

1- Feeding

From breast-feeding to bottles to first solid foods, new parents will worry and debate over the pros and cons of different ways of feeding your baby.

  • Breast-feeding: Will I have setbacks? How easy or hard will it be? Will I produce enough milk?
  • Formula: If choosing formula, what kind will I use?
  • First foods: Purees? Baby-led weaning? How soon do I start?

These are questions and concerns you may have.


Where and how the baby will sleep is probably one of the biggest concerns for new parents, hands down.

Things that parents may wonder about are:

  • What is the best sleeping situation for my new baby? Crib, bassinet, co-sleeping?
  • How long of a stretch will my baby give me to sleep?
  • How do I manage work with sleep deprivation?
  • How do I arrange the crib or bassinet?
  • Do my partner and I take shifts when the baby wakes?


How your marriage will endure and your coupleship thrive after a baby is a big thought on the minds of new parents.

Will you two:

  • Be able to have couple time?
  • What will sex be like post-birth? Will there be any time for sex?
  • Will your parenting styles mesh?

4-  Work

If you are a working parent, you are wondering how the introduction of a child will impact your career and daily work routine.

You’re considering things such as:

  • Who will care for my child?
  • What happens if my baby is sick?
  • Will this impact my performance at work?
  • What new routines will need to be made to survive the working grind and demands of a baby?

5- Pediatrician

Finding a doctor for your baby is a big choice. New parents are worried about finding the perfect doctor that will have the expertise and bedside manner they are looking for.

Questions like:

  • Why are there so many vaccines and what are the side-effects of each one? If not vaccinating, how to manage that issue with the doctor.
  • Will the doctor agree with my parenting philosophy?
  • Do I want a solo doctor or a big practice?

Having a new baby is a great joy but with that great joy comes many changes. Be easy on yourselves and learn to roll with it as parenting is a life course in which you are always learning and the challenges never stay the same!

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