3 Reasons to Reduce Your Technology Time For The Kids’ Sake

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Some people find it weird I have never let my five year-old use the computer for learning games or other pursuits. Sure, she can press the “play” button on a YouTube video from my phone, but for the most part, technology is not an active part of my daughter’s life just yet.  I figure as time rolls on, technology will penetrate her world in the same way it does mine. She will most likely, be more technologically savvy than I am by age twelve! As a future artist, I see her rocking Adobe programs and tools in her teens.

I do my best to keep television or Netflix use to a minimum, and so far, I have been very successful with my endeavors. My daughter has a vivid imagination, and is so creative. I imagine that all that time playing and not surfing a TV screen or iPad screen has helped this. This is exactly how I loved spending my time as a kid– imaginary play! But what about my own technology use? How does that come into play? As a professional writer who works from home, I can tell you that I spend a great deal of time in front of a computer or on the phone.

Less Attention

My daughter complained I was on the phone too much. Using technology is great but, I was having a hard time keeping my “working hours” during work hours, and so I was often checking emails when she was awake and home from school. Not to mention checking texts and social media. It meant less attention for my daughter and when we play less attention to our kids, it affects their social and emotional well-being and growth. It also means your kid may act out more to get your attention. That’s not a good thing!


Being on the computer, iPad or phone means you are distracted. This distraction means you parent less effectively, miss out on potential accidents and problems, and aren’t able to participate with your child’s actions and play like you would without those technology distractors.


Checking technology constantly teaches your kids to do the same. If you’re so absorbed in work or Facebook, how absorbed are you in what’s going on around you? Probably not that much.

We all use technology and love it, and that’s okay, but be sure to monitor your own use so you are a more present and less distracted parent setting good examples for your kiddos!

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