3 Household Pests You Need To Educate Your Children About

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When children are playing in the home or outside, they will likely come across pests that can bite or harm them if they aren’t educated as to what they are. There are a few pests that are more common than others inside the home that you need to alert your children about before they come across them. Fortunately, there are also ways to get rid of pests and keep them at bay.

Crawling Cockroaches

Cockroaches are often seen at night when they come out to hunt for food. If they are seen in every room of the home, they can pose a health risk to children and other family members if the insects crawl over the body. At times, cockroaches can get inside boxes of food or crawl over food that has been prepared if they are out during the day. They can spread bacteria as they crawl over surfaces. Children should know what the pests look like and where they are usually seen. Most cockroaches are oval in size and brown in color with two antennae. A pest control company like Allstate Pest Control can come to the home to spray for the pests if there is a significant number of them in the home.

Antagonizing Ants

Small pests that crawl around the home during the day and night that tend to hover around sweet foods are likely ants. When children are playing, they might see a long trail of ants. The pests that are in the home are usually small and black. You could also get a few of the larger brown ants in the home. A sticky trap is usually a good way to kill ants, or you can put Borax in corners of the home and under the sink. One of the things to keep in mind about ants is that some of them can bite, leaving red marks on the skin that can get irritated.

Menacing Mice

A mouse is a common pest in the home. While some children might think that they are cute, similar to a character from a cartoon show, they can bite if they are cornered and threatened. An easy way to get rid of mice is to set traps. Make sure you put the traps in areas of the room where children aren’t playing so that they don’t get their fingers and other extremities snapped. Glue traps are often a better option when children are in the home as long as they understand that they aren’t to be touched.

There will usually be some kind of pest inside the house no matter how clean you keep the rooms. Show children pictures of pests, explaining what they can do to the child. Set traps, spray, or call in a professional to help with getting rid of pests that are invading your space.

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