3 False Assumptions About Stay-at Home Moms

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People have a lot of misconceptions about , even the people who are parenting with them! Staying at home can be a personal or financial choice. Each situation for each family is unique. The most important thing in parenting is to do whatever works for your family, and not worry about what others are doing. This can be hard though, as people are very quick to make judgments about how people parent, especially when it comes to motherhood. Even other women and mothers can be extremely harsh critics of other moms.

At one point in my life, I was a Stay-at Home Mom, and while I missed adult interaction and using my brain at work, I also truly enjoyed the time I had with my daughter. The fact is I will cherish those brief years forever.  I never let what others think of me being a Stay-at Home Mom bother me and did everything I could to enjoy the moments I had with her before I knew I would be working once again. Here are 3 false assumptions that people make about SAHMs:

1:  They Have it Easy

While my life as a working single mother is admittedly more stressful and busy than my life as a Stay-at Home Mom was, being a parent is hard no matter where you are– work or home!

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Providing for children is an important role and it’s pretty awful that our society does not value raising children as an important job.  Giving children care, love and guidance every single day is joyful and at times easy, but it can also be tiring and difficult.

Instead of tearing each other down, we should look to each other as supports as mothers. As a working mom, I have had quite a few Stay-at Home Moms help me out when I needed it, and vice versa.

2:  They Want to Be Home

While many mothers who are at home enjoy being at home, some mothers would like to work but have not found work that would make leaving their homes and paying for child care, advantageous.

3:   They Are Unskilled

Some incredibly successful women leave high-powered jobs to give time to raising their children. Some moms can’t vouch for the cost of childcare even though their jobs are important to them.

And on another note, who is to say what is skilled or unskilled? I have a great education and many parenting skills in my toolbox, but I am not the best cook. I am not the best at crafts. Every mother and parent comes to parenthood with different abilities. We need to not stratify one another and instead, find value in what people bring to the table as parents and people.

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  1. Michelle

    June 12, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Great article
    On point
    I’m a single stay at home mom
    I left a great career in film, flying around the world, enjoying my job but raising my baby every day is my top priority. I would never think to work away from home and then pay someone else to raise my son. It’s just my preference. Before I know it he will be in school and then out with his friends. I will have plenty of time for a career again. Now it’s all about my little boy.
    Great article

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