20 Photos That Prove That Having Kids Around Means There’s Never A Dull Moment

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20 Photos That Prove That Having Kids Around Means There’s Never A Dull Moment

Kids tend to be a magnet for trouble and you never really know what you’re gonna find when they’re left alone for more than a minute, whether it be:

A disastrous mess,
An unexpected creation,
Unconventional playtime.

Raising young kids makes every day a series of misadventures. While parenting is no walk in the park, children certainly keep things lively.

Here are 20 photos that prove having kids around means there’s never a dull moment.

1. Most people find themselves instantly entertained by the tables of gizmos and gadgets offered at the Apple store. However, this kid found entertainment with his mother’s sweater.

2. Kids and casual destruction often go hand in hand, which means all valuables should be kept out of reach. These kids have yet to learn that you push and not pull keyboard keys.

3. There’s an advantage to being smaller in size while playing hide and seek because the hiding options are unlimited. While this little girl hasn’t quite mastered the craft of hiding, her ambition is admirable.

4. Parents naturally want to protect their kids from harm’s way, but there are some things that don’t necessarily require protection. “Her shadow was following her and I did nothing about it,” the father wrote after being shunned by his defeated daughter.

5. Some kids would be grossed out by a fish out the water, but this little girl just wanted to show this fresh catch some love. Little does she know, she’s really murdering it.

6. Many kids will pick themselves right back up after falling down, but this kid accepted his fate after crashing his car and saw the opportunity for a nap.

7. Kids will always find loopholes in parental instructions. His mom may have told him to wear a tie, but she never specified where.

8. No one likes to go to the bathroom in the cold and this kid’s simple solution is a toilet blanket tent.

9. Whether this kid just got picture day and pajama day confused or it was a move of intentional class photo sabotage, we can only imagine his parents’ reaction when they got the photos.

10. Going out to dinner with kids is a dining experience like no other. Clearly this restaurant tried to entertain this overturned tot with crayons and a maze, but not even chicken tenders can tame this one.

11. More parents should let their kids dress themselves because children’s clothing just doesn’t leave much room for self expression.

12. No seats? No problem. This kid knows how to get the most use out of his backpack while exerting the least amount of energy possible.

13. Clearly this little girl is in charge, which isn’t only evident by her nonchalant position, but also by most of the items in the cart.

14. This kid has already mastered the art of multitasking. Just because her new sibling is naturally receiving mass amounts of attention from the family doesn’t mean she has to give her any.

15. If she had hopes of her parents getting her a real cat, this isn’t the best way to sell them on her pet skills. However, maybe she’s just planning on sending her toy cat to space.

16. He might have been told to keep his fingers out of his nose, but no one ever said anything about toes.

17. Mannequins must be a confusing concept for kids, but maybe this guy decided to shop for a new mother while his was shopping for clothes.

18. For kids, nap time isn’t limited to beds or couches, any flat surface will do.

19. Why wear multiple articles of clothing when just one will do the trick? As a parent, you have to expect the unexpected. Pants as entire outfits are just one of those things.

20. If there’s ever silence in the household, it’s usually an indication that mischief is brewing. You don’t have to always catch kids in the act, sometimes their wrongdoings to come to light when you least expect it.

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